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Is it really a "single use" plastic bag?

Proponents of the plastic bag ban constantly call the bags "single use" bags. But nothing is farther from the truth! We all know that there are hundreds of uses for bags, and the reality is that plastic bags we receive from stores are the MOST REUSED product we bring home! In fact, there is an entire range of containers specially made to store plastic grocery bags for reuse.
We at Save Our Bags believe in being responsible with your plastic bags. This means the following:
- Do not take more than you need (often, bags aren't needed for some items)
- Save and reuse your plastic bags as much as possible
- When you have reused them, properly dispose of them in the garbage
- When disposing of plastic bags (or anything lightweight), make sure it is weighed down so it will not fly away
- Never litter
Below are some of the uses for the now-banned evil plastic bag. Remember that banning plastic bags from stores means we now need to BUY plastic bags for these purposes. How does that make any sense?
Please send us your uses for your plastic bags and we will add them to the list!

Plastic Bag Uses

1. Carrying groceries and store items to your car
2. Carrying groceries and store items on the street, or on public transit
3. Carrying groceries and store items from your car to your house
4. Carrying items purchased in one store into another store while shopping
5. Advertising (for the store)
6. Home garbage can liners
7. Wrapping, carrying, and disposal of home garbage
8. Picking up animal droppings
9. Storing dirty diapers until disposal (may require 2 bags!)
10. Wrapping up wet or leaking items prior to disposal to avoid leakage
11. Storing store-bought items prior to use (helps identify where to return them if needed)
12. Returning store-bought items, when needed
13. Containing and storing parts
14. Storing rags or clothes
15. Carrying a wet bathing suit, towel, or swimming items
16. Keeping an extra set of clothes in your car
17. Carrying supplies or tools during a project
18. Separating and storing home improvement items (wire, parts, etc.)
19. Picking up trash
20. Picking up leaves
21. Cleaning gutters
22. Storing Christmas Lights
23. Carrying/storing batteries, bottles, or anything that has the potential to leak slightly
24. Carrying/storing sports equipment
25. Covering/storing scrub brushes or brooms
26. Protecting the inside of a cloth bag (so it does not need to be washed)
27. Picking up dust
28. Picking up broken glass
29. Wrapping light bulbs or glass prior to disposal (in case it breaks)
30. Wrapping items for long term storage
31. Protecting items from dust
32. Disposing of a dead mouse!
33. Containing anything smelly before putting it in your trash can
34. Storing moth balls
36. Wrapping used wet paint brushes before disposal
37. Use for dirty clothes while traveling
38. Carrying food or items to a party or someone's house
39. Carrying items to donate
40. Containing anything that is difficult to contain (feathers, styrofoam packing, ping pong balls, etc.)
More, more, more... (keep your ideas coming!)