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Spread the word
There are many ideas to counter the plastic bag ban. These include:
1. Petitioning the city council to put this to a vote (anyone want to guess the chances of them listening to us?)
2. Getting an initiative to repeal on the ballot for a vote
3. Raising or supporting lawsuits against the city for endangerment of public health, unfair business practices, legality of imposing a minimum fee for paper bags, etc.
4. Coordinating efforts with other interested parties, like-minded organizations in other cities, etc.
5. Creating and supplying our own plastic bags for people's use at the stores (think of great things to print on the sides of our own bags...)
6. Campaigning against the mayor or council members who pushed this ban on us, specifically about the plastic bag issue
Please contact us with your own additional ideas.
We are a group of citizens fighting back on this issue. Unfortunately, those who pushed through this decision are well organized and well funded. They include a large number of people from outside San Jose and politicians who seek to use San Jose as an example. But we (the majority) will fight these forces and win! What is seldom discussed in the main stream media, is that the people of Seattle rose up and voted down a plastic bag tax in 2009. It can be done in San Jose, where the law is even stricter than the Seattle bag tax!
We are looking for people to help in our efforts, so please contact us to volunteer.
The simplest way to help is just to spread the word. Let others know about our organization. Write emails opposing the bag ban. Talk to people you meet at the store or store owners and let them know the people are rising up against this oppression, and we want to send a message to the council that our convenience and safety is not something they can take away from us just to make themselves feel warm and fuzzy.